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IDG Construction Co., Inc. is a full service General Contractor and Construction Management firm serving South Florida.

IDG Construction Company’s talented staff of experts offers a single source and point of accountability for planning, design, construction, and program management services. Our unique approach results in a simpler, more cost efficient building process that can speed delivery of quality facilities to our clients.

Our design-driven philosophy and customized professional services ensure we consistently exceed our clients’ expectations, and our hands-on approach assures projects are delivered on time and in budget.

With in-house Program Management, General Contractor, and Construction Management services, clients turn to IDG Construction Company for our expertise in the entire process, from design through completion. We work closely with our clients to understand your needs and execute them.

IDG Construction Company holds certain values at the core the business that increase the quality level of the projects:

1. Provide fair, responsible, and competitive services to costumers and clients.

2. Ensure projects safety to all laborers, subcontractors, and employees.

3. Maintain the highest level of technological competency within the company.

4. Take good care of costumers.

5. Take good care of people.

6. Take good care of the company.

7. Achieve the highest level of capacity in day-to-day operations



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